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The End of a Long Journey

On day twenty-one I returned to Yangon where I said good-bye and thank you to Aung Aung, who had been a kind and agreeable travel companion. My flight back to Europe took me through Bangkok and Dubai, and as we were passing over the Arabian desert that night, the captain called our attention to a great light show of the universe that was occurring around us. And it was indeed a marvelous spectacle of nature, something I may never again witness. It was the night of the meteors. With my face pressed against the window, I watched the rare occurrence of a storm of leonid meteors, the remnants of an old comet in the constellation of Leo. Hundreds of meteoroids of varying degrees of brightness shot across the inky sky, some visible for only a fraction of a second or faint while others lasted several seconds or shone brilliantly, even leaving a trail of sparks and fire while streaking toward the earth.

For me the spectacular passage of the meteoroids through the earth's atmosphere was a fitting grand finale to an exciting and magical journey through a forgotten land called Myanmar.

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