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Born in Germany, Klaus R. Schroeder has spent most of his academic and professional life outside of Europe. After attending the University of California, Los Angeles, on scholarships provided by the government of Germany and the Fulbright Commission, he returned to Germany by way of Asia. The leisurely pace of the nine-month journey across that continent provided the foundation for a lasting interest in and commitment to the countries of East and Southeast Asia. On his long trek through the region he visited Saigon and Hue in Viet Nam during the war, Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh before the Killing Fields, and Vientiane in Laos, when the CIA was waging its "secret" war. A hotel manager in Chiang Mai introduced him to two Thai-Chinese "traders" who took him along on their ten-day illegal visit into the Kyaing Tong (Kengtung) area of Burma.

The Author - Klaus Schroeder
Later, he attended Tokyo's Waseda University on a fellowship from the Japanese Ministry of Culture and Education (Mombusho) and then worked in Japan for ten years. During that time, he took a summer course in Chinese at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, but a transfer to New York City interrupted that pursuit for four years. Another transfer, this time to Beijing, enabled Mr. Schroeder to remain in Asia for several more years and to travel widely in China, including an extensive journey along the ancient trade route known as the Silk Road. After the Beijing assignment came a return to Europe, where Mr. Schroeder then worked in Italy.

Today, the author lives in Germany and the United States, and he visits Southeast Asia at least once a year. Since Myanmar has been reopened to tourists, Mr. Schroeder has explored most areas where the government permits entry to foreign visitors. He was the first foreign tourist to receive permission to travel overland by way of Pyay and Ann to the historical sites of Mrauk U in Rakhine State. His latest excursion took him into Chin State, to the Natmadaung National Park and Mount Victoria. All frontier areas are not yet open, however, the author looks forward to the day when foreigners can experience the adventure of following the wild Thanlwin River from northern Shan State down to Mawlamyine, where it empties into the Andaman River.

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